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Within the pages of this web site you will find everything that is currently known about the man who is now known as the “Father of Personal Development,” Charles F. Haanel.

Most well-known as the author of the personal development classic The Master Key System, in his time Mr. Haanel wrote no less than five books, owned thriving businesses, and left a lasting impression that would be felt for many generations after his death.

He was a visionary, a philosopher, and a leader.

As you read the pages in this web site you will discover many things.

As you read these pages, you find the answers to some interesting questions that we discovered in our research.

  • Did Haanel really try to keep his most famous work The Master Key System secret?
  • What did a US Congressional Committee have to say about Haanel?
  • Did he write any other books?
  • What was the nature of his various businesses?

You’ll discover much more as you learn about this fascinating man and his interesting life.

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